Chorlton - The Little Box Gym

Since January 2024 I've been teaching Hatha Yoga in Chorlton.

I looked in so many places around Manchester, so many venues that already had classes or way too out of my budget.

I found a home in the LBG and I couldn't be happier.


Decompress Wednesday -  If you wanna break your week and find some stillness with us... come and join us.

Ok - start by putting your phone on airplane mode, then let's talk about the theme of the class, let's set an intention and off we go!

We will move, we will breath and we will be proud of where we are. It's a safe space where we can talk, laugh and move.

Our class starts at 18h30. 


Serenity Saturday - Let's start the weekend with some movement. 

Phone on airplane mode, we will light our incense, we will set out intention... 

Sun salutations and a nice gentle flow. The move slowly but surely to the weekend!


Our class starts at 10am.







Calm and Collected - Last Wednesday of every month.

We will set some candles, this class is all about relaxing and finding some peace within 4 walls.

We will leave our lists, work and problems outside the door and we will focus in ourselves.

How amazing you are.

Need a pep talk? You are in the right place.


All of the funds from this class are donate to The Hike With Mike Foundation.