Your Amazing Self

Welcome To Your Amazing Self

Hi. My name is Ana. Welcome to my little corner, our little corner.

Here, we only talk gently to ourselves. We focus on positive language, and on setting intentions and small goals.

Oscar Wilde said "Be yourself everyone else is taken" and that is true. We live in a society where we constantly put ourselves down, we try to imitate pictures and lives we see online.

We create protective blankets with clothes, makeup and gadgets we don't need to fill a void that can be nurtured with some self love.

Instead of focusing on the big goal, let’s focus on baby steps, because… Rome wasn’t built in a day. Small habits take time to stay with us, and sometimes life gets in the way, and you know what? That’s fine. I am here to support you and to walk with you. 

Wanna come with me?

Please turn off your phone. Open your mind and heart. Let's forget about who and what's outside.


 Come join me and see what it feels like to have time for yourself.

What can we do together?

Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes focus on our breathing.

That is the center of our practice and what we use to create a link between our body and mind.

Private Sessions

Private yoga classes offering a tailored yoga experience. What would you like to focus on?


Check some event's we are doing and planning! You might want to join us in our adventures

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hatha Yoga?

In Hatha Yoga, we focus on balancing 2 opposite forces. 

If you slipt the word Hatha, Ha means our male energy, strength, and the sun. Tha means female energy, receptivity, and the moon.

We will move together with Ujay's breath, we will do a dynamic practice so we can establish our breath and alignment and we will also do a static practice.

To connect our mind and our body, we will be using the breath. What we want to find today is our balance.

What is the goal of YAS YOGA?

I don't have an answer to that. Everyday life is different and all I know is that I teach and speak from the heart. 

I do take notes to my classes with the poses that I want us to do because I like to be prepared.

We always start the class by checking how everyone is and I talk about a theme, we do some meditation in the beginning where we set an intention for our practice.

We do laugh, we talk, and we engage in our classes. It's a safe space, it's a space of love.

All I want is to help people to bring movement to their bodies and to have some time for themselves.


Do I need to be experienced or flexible to do a yoga class?

Absolutely not!

Yoga isn't about being flexible or being experienced. The only thing you need is to be willing to take some time for yourself - that's the only pre-requisite! 

Do you offer private classes?

Yes of course! I know It can be tricky to find a yoga class that suits us. Time and place, so please just send me a message regarding what you feel you need and it can be arranged!

Do I need my own mat?

It's totally up to you. I like to always have my mat because... it's mine. Energy moves, expands and settles. My mat has my energy, so it's not even about being cleaned (yes, our mats are always cleaned before the class!) it's about the feeling, the energy that settles...

What should I bring to class?

Just bring comfortable clothes. That can be a pyjama, a great pair of leggings OR WHATEVER! - that's all you need, this is your space!

You can bring some water, and your mat (if you want to!)


All we ask is - please put our phone in aeroplane mode. this is your time TO RELAX! 

Do you have a loyalty card?

Yes, I do! Please ask me in the class and I'll give you one!

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Your Amazing Self
Manchester, England, United Kingdom

With our classes what we want is for you to find some time for yourself. Create the habit of bringing some movement to your body and connect with yourself.

Yoga is not about fancy poses, is about making time to show on the mat, bring some awareness to the body and relax.