What is essential is invisible to the eyes.

Published on 16 October 2023 at 11:39

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes.” - Saint-Exupéry

We focus so much on the external. What we can touch, how we look. We spend hours watching netflix, scrolling on our phones (and don't get me wrong, I do the same!) but then.. we don't have time to move our bodies, to stretch, to cook a nice meal.

We spend so long dreaming about what It could be, or in a few years how life will turn, we forget to live the moment.


I've stopped going to concerts and recording it - How can I truly enjoy, if I'm again, looking through a screen? Am I going to watch this videos ever again? Probably not.


What we feel is so important, and all of those butterflies people talk about.

When we see other people through a screen - as much as we want, we can't see who they are. We need some type of connection to be able to feel who they are.


Forget about the screens, the fancy houses and clothes. Who are you? 

Think about it. Who are you truly? How do you want to be remembered?


Who we are, is inside of us, not the outside.

Take this week, to nourish who you are, give yourself a big hug. Say how proud you are of yourself and the journey you are in, will lead you to a better place.


Love with your heart.



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