Let's go on an adventure together

Published on 26 December 2023 at 21:43

As the year finishes, we will all go through the same way of thinking.

Let's leave what we don't need behind, and let's bring with us what will help us to grow.


Every year we face different challenges and every year we think "the next one will be better!" and... we never know. Maybe it will, maybe it wont! But what we know is we are here, and we don't need to set ridiculous high expectations for ourselves.

Why not start small? Why talking about running the marathon before doing couch to 5k?


Let's start by finding some time for ourselves.


My adventure will start on the 3rd of January. I will be teaching my first classes in person! I'm so scared and excited.

It will be a new challenge for me, but not only I'll be teaching... I'll also be learning.


Hope you meet you in the mat soon!

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